Zip Line Tips for Beginners

Zip lining has become one of the most popular activities all around the globe, and it has grown tremendously for the past twenty years whether you are in Canada, in America, in Europe, or Africa.

There are zip lines that will take you to the big jungles of Costa Rica or in the majestic waterfalls of Hawaii. You can even go over rivers, lakes, mountains, and oceans. If you want to enjoy zip-lining in Maui, you can avail our tickets.

So, if you want to have a zip line experience but do not know how to prepare, here are some helpful tips for you to enjoy your zip line experience safely!

1.Have the proper outfit

Of course, one way to make your zip lining safe and enjoyable is to be comfortable with what you are wearing. Fitted workout apparel is ideal for an activity like this.

But the weather plays a major role in your outfit. For the hot summer in New York and Massachusetts, lighter clothes will be better, or if it is snowing, you need to be well-covered.

When it comes to shoes, Sneakers or any athletic shoes are ideal. Remember it is better to wear closed shoes and avoid flip-flops, sandals, and the like.

2.Avail the service with professional operators

Your safety is at risk if you just take this for granted. Before you take a plunge into zip-lining, make sure that the operator is legitimate, the equipment used is safe such as the carabiners, ropes, helmets, harnesses, etc., and the whole company adheres to the standards set by the Association for Challenge Course Technology.

If you feel to ask questions, do not hesitate to ask your guide of the operator before you zip.

3. Do not take selfie oftentimes

We know how important it is to capture the moment especially when it is your first time, but remember that your safety should come first. This activity requires both hands so taking a selfie or any photographs is a no-no. You can still capture the moments by asking a family member of a friend to take photos of you while you are up there.

4. Enjoy it

When it is your first time, fear is a natural emotional response. But do not let your fear and anxiety kill the fun. When you are zip-lining, do not forget to take the view of the natural sceneries around you. Although it gives you an adrenalin rush, zip-lining can also be an avenue to experience nature.

5.Know the limitations

Most zip lines have a weight limit. However, weighing too much should not be the only concern here. If you have any heart conditions, or if you are pregnant, you need to skip zip lining for now. It is good to have fun, but it is better if you do not risk your life. You can try hiking instead.


Ziplining can be such fun, but make sure you have the necessary knowledge, equipment, and people to enjoy the whole experience safely!


Health Benefits of Zip Lining

“Fun and thrilling,” this is how most people view zip lining. What they do not know is that ziplining is more than just being “fun,” because it is getting in touch with yourself, with your family and friends, or with nature. It is a great way to free yourself from the tedious routine of work or the noisy life of cities, and a great avenue to take some time with the fresh breeze and the beautiful sights of nature.

Ziplining can take you to different land and seascapes – in the vast forests, grand rivers, and lakes, vast oceans, you name it! If you are planning to go to Maui for a vacation, you might as well try Maui Zipline for a thrilling yet relaxing experience of zip lining.

Here, we have gathered some of the health benefits of zip lining:

1. It can lower blood pressure

Yes, it is good for the heart. It lowers down blood pressure that helps lower the risks of diabetes, stroke or any heart disease.

2. You get to taste fresh air

Ziplining gives you an escape from the smokes and clouds of dust that cities give. Fresh air is good for your lungs and your overall health. It also detoxifies your lungs and respiratory system that helps you boost your immune system.

3. You are burning calories in zip lining

Just like any outdoor activities, zip lining is a fun way to burn your calories out. Ziplines are typically located in mountainous areas, and going there to begin the adventure surely involves a lot of hiking and walking. Aside from that, shouting and having fun can effectively burn calories too!

4. It improves your eyesight

One of the ways to sharpen your eyesight is zip lining. When you are doing the activity, you are forced to oscillate your view between the rope and the view of nature. This repeated eye activity is a good eye exercise that can effectively train focus and coordination of your eyes.

5. It is a fun way of de-stressing

Just like sports and other outdoor activities, it is a potential stress killer. Sure, you will be feeling anxious in the beginning especially when you are trying it for the first time; however, once you are now at the top and one with nature, you will feel calmer and relaxed, although a bit tensed with the speed. This is a better way to enjoy your day than looking on the cellphone screen all day. And nature has a natural healing effect.

6. It gives you satisfaction and sense of fulfillment

Once you have conquered the fear of trying zip lining, you will have a sense of fulfillment in the end especially you have experienced being on the top of the world!

7. It is a good avenue for strengthening relationship and bond

I’m sure you have seen a lot of couples trying zip-lining together. This activity will give you time to bond with each other strengthening your relationship. This does not limit to couples. It could also be a great way for family or friend bonding.